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Hellotime was created by a team working on client projects for over ten years. We are familiar with this world. We learned that complicated projects and unclear expectations can lead to frustration and stress. Through our conversations with various agencies, we have observed a widespread consensus on the importance of finding more effective ways to collaborate with clients. Interestingly, it seems that many of us have come to the same conclusion: it is time to integrate the benefits of Agile methodology into our way of working. In the long run, it will lead to greater happiness for both the client and the agency team.

However, some things need to change. To start, we need to replace fixed-price agreements with Agile Contracts. We need to replace pitches with quality conversations and quality work. Instead of the usual, we need something different.

The Agile Studio breaks away from the conventional "agency approach". Instead of opting for quantity, it embraces quality. That means focusing on fewer projects of higher quality and on a smaller team with deeper expertise. The Agile Studio prioritises simplicity over unnecessary complexity. Transparency over hidden agendas. Specialisation over one-size-fits-all skillset. Always keeping clients and the team at the forefront.

Here is our guide for every agency seeking continuous improvement. The Agile Studio Playbook is based on our long experience and conversations with other agency leaders. We're sharing it with everyone because we believe it has the power to impact how our companies are run. As a byproduct, it can help the agency market move towards more mature tools and conventions for everyone's benefit.

Enjoy reading it.

Updated on February 5, 2024

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