Hellotime: Simple capacity planning software to manage resource workload

At Hellotime, we aim to offer software that provides all the valuable and actionable workload information at a glance. Hellotime is fast, simple, and features a modern resource capacity planning dashboard.

Using Hellotime, you can check your team's workload without the need for upfront training or complex configuration. Simply access the most insightful team workload planning on a single timeline.

  1. What is a capacity planning software?
  2. The problem with conventional capacity planning software
  3. Hellotime is a simple capacity planning software
  4. Hellotime is simple, intuitive and modern
  5. Start using Hellotime

What is a capacity planning software?

Capacity planning is the process of analyzing an organization's production capacity to meet demand for its products or services. A capacity planning software helps an organization assess the workload of its resources to determine how they're doing and how much work they have in the plan. Using a capacity planning software makes it possible to make informed decisions regarding hiring new resources or managing periods of downtime or overtime.

The problem with conventional capacity planning software

When looking for a capacity planning software, the first step is usually to set up a spreadsheet to list which people are working on which projects. That might or might not include a timeline to track start and end dates. This process might work fine at the beginning. However, as the work scales up, that usually leads to very complex spreadsheets, which become challenging to read, laggy to explore and difficult to maintain.

More recently, Google launched a timeline view in Sheets to manage Project tasks, marketing campaigns and schedules. While that might be a just enough solution in some contexts, it still offers a very clunky experience when it comes to managing resource planning quickly and easily.

Spreadsheets have certain limitations, which is why specialized software for capacity planning management have been created. These software, often provided as cloud software, enable specific management of the issues encountered in capacity planning.

While these tools are typically powerful, they focus on a highly granular use of the workforce, focusing on areas such as managing personal calendar days and, in some cases, even specific daily hours. Furthermore, these software are often designed for large-scale businesses that require extensive customizations. This leads to offering many features, making the learning curve challenging, and mastering all available customizations can be very time-consuming.

That is why these software provide numerous functionalities, including detailed reporting, integrated time tracking, and client billing software. While this can be advantageous for well-established companies, it may prove overwhelming and complex for most small businesses just needing a handy way to manage a team.

Hellotime is a simple capacity planning software

Hellotime eliminates the issues associated with using spreadsheets for capacity planning. It radically simplifies the process of managing project personnel with a web software. Hellotime's user-friendly timeline dashboard is easy for everyone to understand.

Instead of providing many choices, modal views, and complex commands, Hellotime promises to do capacity planning with a few clicks, selects, and drag-and-drop.

We understand how busy people are and that learning new software can be time-consuming. With Hellotime, one doesn't need to worry about any complicated setup at the beginning, and there are no complex concepts that one needs to learn. Hellotime is explicitly designed for people who need a solution that is easy to use and saves time.

It is not necessary to have any training or prior experience. The main timeline is where everything is straightforward and easy to understand:

  1. Choose hours or days per week mode. To offer a simplified bird's eye view, people allocations will be presented on a week-by-week basis. This level of zoom is best for most small project teams.
  2. Visualize all resources and their assigned projects on a timeline.
  3. For each project assigned to a person, you can define an allocation's start and end date and the effort expressed in hours or days per week.
  4. Easily create an allocation block by clicking and dragging the timeline to set the end date.
  5. Visualize the work assigned on each project in hours or days per week.
  6. Expand or collapse each person's row to view all their allocations in a recap or project-specific view.
  7. Gain insights at a glance with the Insights feature, which provides a quick overview of active projects, people's utilization percentage, and task assignments.
  8. Invite team members to join your workspace and visualize the timeline in read or read/write mode.

Hellotime allows you to easily view your team's workload and schedule new projects based on everyone's present and future capacity.

Hellotime is simple, intuitive and modern

1. Everything happens on the timeline

With Hellotime, you don't have to navigate through multiple sub-pages to get things done. Instead, you can easily create resources and projects directly on the timeline without the need to jump around. This simplified process saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

2. Interaction is fast, intuitive and natural

Every interaction is designed to feel natural and fast. We put a lot of thought into creating Hellotime User Interface to ensure it's easy to use and intuitive. Our team carefully crafted Every screen and interaction to be as fast and user-friendly as possible.

3. Pricing is not based on the number of resources managed

While many capacity planning software have decided to adopt a pricing model based on the number of managed resources, we don’t do that. Why? Because we don’t think that’s a necessary proxy to measure the value you’re getting out of Hellotime. We are trying to explore an alternative path based on two dimensions: a flat fee and the quantity of work planned. A flat fee allows you to know in advance how much you are going to pay without too many variations in time. We think that is a precious feature for a small business. Second, we differentiate those who use Hellotime a lot - from those who use it less. We want to do this by measuring the quantity of work forecasted with Hellotime (or the number of a single-week block on the timeline across all your people). This means there will be little differences if you have 3 or 15 resources. Instead, it will matter how much you use Hellotime to schedule work.

4. Designed by makers like you

Hellotime was born out of the necessity of a simple capacity planning software. Hellotime was created by a small independent studio of designers and developers. We have complete autonomy without any external influence. We are free to focus solely on our users and product quality.

Start using Hellotime

Hellotime is a simple, fast and easy-to-use capacity planning software. You can sign up for free while Hellotime is in beta. You don't need any upfront training or go through a complex setup. Creating a workspace is all it takes to bring more focus to your team's workload.


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