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People desire to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the creation of value. They want to work in an environment with positive relationships with colleagues, where everyone's time and opinions are respected.

This is why the Agile Studio seeks "crafters," artisans who work with dedication and skill, aiming to create works of excellent quality.

At Moze, we have always sought individuals in harmony with our company culture. It's better to have those who want to contribute positively with a certain degree of modesty, rather than dominating personalities who want to impose their point of view at all costs.

Over time, we have promoted a flat organizational structure with few well-defined hierarchies. We avoid numerous hierarchical levels, which might lead to abstraction– an artificial distance between the work and the idea of the work itself. There are certainly responsibilities, and there can be team leaders (which can vary from project to project). What we avoid is the adoption of exaggerated hierarchical levels.

In larger corporate contexts, different needs certainly emerge, and informal and loosely structured relationships can begin to show clear limitations. Some have managed to maintain an Agile approach even after reaching significant corporate sizes: usually, this has been achieved by dividing the workforce into small semi-independent teams, trying to replicate the characteristics typical of smaller entities.

Whatever the size, the Agile Studio is more a mindset than a company classification. The principles can be applied to a whole company or a smaller team within a larger organization.


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