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Strive for excellence

Ensuring quality when facing tight deadlines is challenging and becomes even more complex in creative work. Creativity involves using imagination to solve problems, and too much stress can really get in the way of that.

Stress can arise for various reasons. Sometimes, it stems from the need to juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Other times, it results from a lack of clarity regarding project timelines with the client. Then, there are situations where projects are rushed to finish quickly because of budget limits, causing stress and dissatisfaction with the final product's quality. Over time, we have learned to adopt a different approach.

If the primary focus is to produce high-quality work, it is necessary to recognize that this requires time. The solution is surprisingly simple: do fewer things but do them well. It means setting realistic expectations for timelines and working in continuous iterations rather than delivering complete "turnkey" projects. This approach allows us to maintain high quality and increases the average project value. By working in this manner, we can engage clients who appreciate quality work and recognize its value.

Challenging the status quo requires some trade-offs. In our case, we began by making a sort of investment: even when the project budget didn't allow it, we chose to dedicate the necessary time to produce high-quality work. This decision required compromises, such as reducing the number of projects we could handle in parallel, negatively impacting our short-term revenue. Nevertheless, this dedication allowed us to release increasingly polished projects.

Focusing on a few quality projects rather than quantity has been our only marketing effort. After some time, our work was recognized for the quality it rightfully deserved. This initial investment, careful resource management, and a focused strategy gradually led us to a more sustainable work pace, enabling us to achieve excellent quality results.


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