🎲 Introduction

About Moze

We are Moze, an independent design and development studio based in Milan. We help startups, scaleups, and innovative companies by taking care of the UX and technology of their products.

We’ve always believed the traditional agency approach wouldn't work in the digital age. At first, we tried. Then, we attempted to pinpoint exactly what wasn't working. We then came up with a different way to work with clients. Along the way, we've encountered other organizations that, each in their own way, have come to similar conclusions.

In this guide, we break down the core principles that form the foundation of our work and share the most valuable lessons we've gathered along the journey. It's all based on our firsthand experiences, a lot of trial and error, and a few bumps in the road. We're sharing this insight to help other teams enhance their working methods and reignite their passion for what they do.

Hellotime, our product to simplify resource planning

Over the years, we've worked on countless digital products for our clients. Through this experience, we've learned a great deal, flaring a desire to create our own products alongside our consulting work on client projects. Hellotime is the direct result of this intention. The philosophy behind this tool is straightforward: to develop the resource planning tool that we wished existed but didn't. We strived for a tool that is simple, intuitive, swift, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. We hope that Hellotime can be a valuable help to other companies like ours, assisting many teams in planning and executing significant projects.


Schedule 🤩People and 📖project
in a 🙈simple and ⚡️easy way