Flat and
Simple 💸pricing

Use Hellotime for free during beta. Upgrade at a flat rate when we launch publicly later this year.


  • Unlimited people
  • Up to 5 active projects
$49 / month

Or $490 for a year and get 2 months for free.

  • Flat, fixed pricing
  • No per user-fees
  • Unlimited people
  • Up to 50 active projects

Do you need to manage more than 50 active projects? Get in touch

🔥Unlimited seats

Everyone in your company needs to be aware of their workload.
Invite your designers, developers, marketers and anyone you want for $0.

Questions & answers

What is an active project?

Why do you bill based on the number of active projects?

What happens if I have more than 50 active projects?

How can I check how much planned work do I have?

When will the paid plan be launched?

I want to reach out. How can I do that?


Schedule 🤩People and 📖project
in a 🙈simple and ⚡️easy way