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It's not all for you

The Agile Studio carefully chooses its clients. They want to tackle real problems, work on projects with clear goals, and bring about genuine innovation, which means making a positive change. They want to do good work. They don't want to work for everyone, and they don't aim to serve their clients all the time. They stand by their clients when they face significant challenges and appreciate it when they can handle everyday tasks independently.

Don't worry about growing at any cost or trying to take on more work than you can handle. It's not all for you.

If you can't talk to the decision-makers, it's not for you. Trust is essential for a successful collaboration, and agreements are always made between people, not organizations. Misunderstandings arising from negotiations with those who won't make the final decisions can seriously jeopardize the success of the partnership. Talk to those who truly decide. If that's not possible, move on. It's not all for you.

If they don't understand your contracts, it's not for you. The Agile Studio uses its contracts to work according to its principles. Don't pressure a client to sign a contract they don't understand or one based on principles they don't share. Don't change your contracts to accommodate a client's habits. It's not all for you.

If you don't like it, it's not for you. The Agile Studio works for clients they appreciate and on projects they're passionate about. Don't bring in bad clients and boring projects. Doing so could seriously affect your focus and your team's motivation. It's not all for you.

If it's about a project with unclear goals and little chance of reaching a conclusion, it's not for you. Projects like that won't really benefit anyone. In the case of large companies, managers sometimes initiate projects just to spend part of their annual budget. Be careful when committing to these opportunities. It's not all for you.

If it's about pitching, it's not for you. The Agile Studio is chosen for what it is. For the quality of the work it has already done and the people who make it up. Sometimes, pitching is solely based on numerical criteria, leaving no room for personal connections and trust-building. If you are invited to participate in such a competition, declining may be best as it may not align with your goals and values.


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