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The "agency way" doesn't work

The Agency Way Doesnt Work

Deadlines looming, change requests in progress, never-ending to-do lists - it's a constant struggle. With ongoing projects not finished yet, who will take care of them when there's pressure to sell new ones? People are really frustrated with the situation at the company, and it seems like some might quit soon. And when the clients start calling with stern voices, you can't help but wonder, "Running an agency shouldn't be this hard."

And you're absolutely right; it shouldn't be. With the right approach, this profession can bring immense satisfaction and even be enjoyable. In our first dozen years at Moze, we learned to fix this. Instead of trying to do too many things at once, we decided to concentrate on a smaller number of projects and do them exceptionally well. Complexity was out, simplicity was in.

When we started out, the prevailing notion was that "running an agency" meant taking on an overwhelming workload, enduring hardship, unfortunately underpaying employees, and developing a thick skin for dealing with clients. After experiencing our initial setbacks, we realized that this wasn't the life we wanted. We abandoned the traditional "agency model" and embarked on a new way of working, grounded in different principles.


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