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The Agile Studio has an excellent reputation. Word of mouth often brings in new companies to collaborate with, but it's not something you can control; you have to nurture it.

Take the time and energy to share what you can do and the projects you've worked on. Don't be possessive or shy about your work; tell your story. Write case studies and guides to share your knowledge. Publish newsletters, podcasts, and e-books. Choose one or more members of your team as spokespeople for communication on the right channels, making sure to adopt an authoritative tone that matches the quality of your work.

Don't forget about face-to-face meetings. Attend events. Occasionally, offer a coffee to your clients and other significant people in your network for mutual updates. And don't underestimate the importance of your workspace: in many cases, a co-working space can be a good choice, facilitating ongoing exchange with other industry professionals.

Effective communication will help you continually build new relationships. These new relationships will contribute to the continuous renewal of your client base and lead you to face ever-new challenges. This essential element contributes to the stability of a team composed of talents who want to grow, dislike routine, and detest boredom.


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