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Do this.


Because I said so.

If team members don't understand the ultimate purpose of what they're doing, they'll quickly run away. People are more effective and creative when actively involved in setting objectives. In a sense, we've flipped the manager's role: once the goals are defined, the manager serves the people to help them achieve those goals.

For some old-school managers, this approach might be embarrassing, a blow to their authority. In our case, we prefer to work with talented, creative, and motivated individuals rather than leading a group of demotivated yes-men. Of course, those in charge must interpret their role as authority differently, not merely assigning tasks but sharing genuine responsibility with other team members. Doing so increases the chances of success and leads to more authentic and satisfying relationships.

What's the opposite? A team where an intelligent person tries to ask why and propose alternatives but isn't listened to. They soon run to LinkedIn to find the next job.

Which version do you prefer?


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