Manage capacity
planning 🤙right away

Hellotime is the intuitive way to schedule people on projects. Thanks to a meticulously designed interface and essential yet powerful features, you can start managing capacity and workload planning right away.

Fast and easy-to-use

As simple as a spreadsheet and as powerful as an app can be.

Designed for clarity

Hellotime makes resource planning straightforward.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for nearly every action to undertake.

Zero-frills setup

Onboard and decide to use Hellotime in under 5 minutes.

Schedule 🤩people

View your team’s work by people or projects

The People view helps you manage allocations based on team availability.
The Projects view is essential for getting an overview of your company’s portfolio.


Create an allocation on a project and its related activities in a breath’s.

Feature - Shortcuts

Set allocation

Specify how much time a person will work on a project by indicating hours or days per week.

Feature - Shortcuts


Keep track of when people will be on vacation or sick, so you are always on top of things when planning projects.

Feature - Shortcuts

Split an assignment

Overwrite or split a longer allocation with the speed of a click.

Feature - Shortcuts

Track 🏃‍♂️‍progress


Keeping information up to date is really simple. Use built-in automations like Auto-sync Project Status and Auto-hide.


Get valuable insights in a delightful and concise way and monitor the progress of open projects and workload.


Invite team members to access your workspace on Hellotime. You can add users as managers, who can modify allocations, or as simple observers.

Feature - Shortcuts

Hellotime is the best capacity planning tool I have
ever used: it is simple and gets straight to the point.”

Make it ✌️yours


Use our Projects API to connect Hellotime to your ERP, Google Sheets, or any other service.

Feature - Fast

Set individual capacity

Manage each team member’s time availability (e.g., working 5 out of 5 days or 40 hours per week).

Dark or light theme

Use the interface in dark, light, or automatic mode.

Feature - Shortcuts

Schedule 🤩People and 📖project
in a 🙈simple and ⚡️easy way