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The Agile Studio often adopts full-remote, flexible, or hybrid forms of work. Working from home, depending on the life stage a person is in, can promote productivity and a balance between private and work life.

However, there are significant benefits - not easily explained in strictly functional terms - in being physically together. Digital tools enable us to perform certain activities wherever we want (usually from home). But these same tools have the ability to distance us, to isolate us, to make us feel "disconnected" from others.

Value the organization of moments when your team spends time together, whether it's for ordinary work or special activities. You can do this every month, every quarter, once a year. Whatever the frequency and methods, the important thing is to have people meet in the same place, for work and leisure, allowing them to strengthen their bonds.

At Moze, we adopt a hybrid model that combines office presence in Milan with remote work. Over time, we have found that our ideal formula consists of scheduling days of work all together in our office, approximately every two months. This practice has been crucial for our team, as it has facilitated the creation of new connections among members and encouraged spontaneous moments of collaboration that might not otherwise occur. In parallel, we leave nothing to chance during these days when we are all physically present. We organize meetings and retrospectives to address both problems and opportunities for improvement in our way of working in a structured manner. This approach has allowed us to maintain a balance between the flexibility of remote work and the benefits of in-person collaboration, contributing to our overall success.


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