Capacity planning tool for agencies to manage client work

Hellotime was designed with special attention for agencies and companies that need to manage client work, like design, development, or marketing activities.

When working on client work, it is essential to use a capacity planning tool because an agency usually manages multiple projects at once. The only way to ensure delivery on time and on budget is to pay close attention to who is working on what, for how long, and how much of their available time.

What’s wrong with capacity planning tools for agencies

Agencies typically start by relying on Google Sheets for capacity planning. However, as the volume of data on projects, people, and allocations grows, this solution can soon become laggy, cluttered, and difficult to use and read.

Other options an agency considers include specialized tools for capacity planning, usually web-based. These tools are typically tailored for larger IT teams requiring meticulous supervision of vast workforces. For this reason, these tools aren't usually fast and easy to set up. Also, one may navigate many features that might seem excessive for the average small-sized agency's needs. Additionally, crafting a compelling and seamlessly performing capacity planning tool is hard due to the technical complexities of building an excellent user interface and interaction. Therefore, many capacity planning tools provide a user experience often perceived as sluggish and aesthetically unappealing.

Why Hellotime is a good capacity planning tool for agencies

Here’s what we believe make Hellotime the perfect tool for agencies that need to manage client work.

Weekly reports via email

Agencies use a capacity planning tool to manage their workload efficiently, and the Weekly Email Reports serve this purpose.

This feature allows agency owners and managers to receive relevant information, such as the number of active projects, capacity utilization, availability status of team members, and more.

Weekly reports

Zero-frills setup

Small business agency owners and managers are often pressed for time and don't want the hassle of setting up and learning a new tool. They are makers, and they are focused on getting work done. That's why we developed Hellotime to be as efficient as possible, eliminating the need to learn complex stuff. With a seamless, guided interface, users can grasp Hellotime effortlessly and decide to use it in under 5 minutes.

Zero frills setup

Create projects, people and assignments directly on the timeline

In Hellotime, all actions take place on the timeline. There are no subpages or intricate modals to navigate through. You can directly create projects, add team members, and create assignments right on the timeline. It's as quick and straightforward as you would anticipate. Configuring your team capacity planning tool is just a few clicks away.

Create projects quickly

Think in hours or days

Every agency has its own approach to capacity planning, with some preferring to measure in days and others in hours. This flexibility applies to defining individual capacity—such as the number of hours or days a person works per week—and allocating people to projects based on days per week or hours per week. Hellotime seamlessly accommodates both perspectives, allowing you to choose the method that suits your needs.

Hours or Days per week mode

Beautiful insights

Agency owners love insights and charts about their businesses. They are the finishing touch that completes a good capacity planning tool. Hellotime is designed to provide relevant and visually appealing information accessible to everyone directly on the timeline. Explore data such as the progress of active projects, resource utilization, projects happening in the current week, underutilized or overworked people, top projects and much more.

Beautiful insights for agencies

Add your team and invite them to collaborate

A capacity planning tool works around individuals. With Hellotime, an agency can incorporate as many resources as necessary, and if desired, you can invite them as users. When extending invitations, you can provide either read-only or read/write permissions, allowing them to view or create projects, allocations, and personnel.

Invite your agency team members

Manage time-off

Effective planning demands keeping tabs on the time off for each team member. Failure to do so could result in unexpected project delays. Hellotime allows agencies to keep track of time off by incorporating it into the timeline, similar to how they would handle a regular project.

Manage your agency time off

View at a glance

Managing a team's activities on a timeline can be challenging. Hellotime comes to the rescue by allowing agencies to get an at-a-glance view of their utilization rate when a person's view is collapsed. With a simple click, you can effortlessly toggle between open and collapsed views for all team members.

View your agency workload at a glance

Try Hellotime

Hellotime is a simple, fast and easy-to-use capacity planning tool for agencies. You can sign up for free while Hellotime is in beta. You don't need any upfront training or go through a complex setup. Creating a workspace is all it takes to bring more focus to your team's workload.

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