Why we started Hellotime

Sergio Panagia · Feb 20, 2024

Why we started Hellotime

Planning projects is the core vital of every creative studio. Doing planning right can make clients happy and improve your business cash flow. However, getting it wrong may lead to longer project completion times, unhappy clients, and financial losses.

Creative studios looking to do resource capacity planning today face three choices: opting for a simple Google Sheets, using a specialized capacity planning tool, or utilizing a generalist no-code tool.

We have tried all of these options but grew frustrated. Google Sheets, initially the best option for us, became a nightmare to maintain. It turned slow and laggy as the volume of tasks to manage increased.

Specialized capacity planning tools, while designed for larger companies with complex processes, were often overkill in the number of features, complicated, and a pain to use. Moreover, these tools are generally priced based on the number of resources managed, a pricing strategy we found unfair and thus never opted for.

Generalist no-code tools like Airtable, Notion, or software like Trello were all compromises, as these platforms aren’t tailored to meet the specific needs of agency planning.

We believe creative studios need a tool that is beautiful, easy to use, and fast, excelling in one thing: planning projects on people. This is where Hellotime started. We’re not building an all-in-one project management, invoicing, HR tool. Our aim is to provide creative studios with an app for resource capacity planning that helps them govern their operations.

In Hellotime, we’re focusing on a fast and visually delightful experience that allows you to create people and assign projects to them on a timeline. The core part of our app is this infinite canvas timeline where you can view all the things your people are busy working on.

We believe a resource capacity planning app is valuable for a creative studio because, from our experience, it turned our business around. It allowed our studio to sell more and better, making top-quality products along the way.

Enjoy Hellotime!


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