Introducing the Hellotime API

Team Hellotime · Jul 09, 2024

Introducing the Hellotime API

We're rolling out a RESTful API that gives you full control over projects in Hellotime.

At Hellotime, we understand the crucial role that efficient scheduling plays for agencies and creative studios. Managers and agency owners count on Hellotime to ensure the right people are allocated to the right projects, avoiding both over-allocation and under-allocation. However, we’ve heard from our users that manually updating project information can be a hassle.

Hellotime excels at capacity planning for small to medium-sized teams, but we know many of our users also use various cloud tools like Google Sheets or ERP software to manage their projects. During our beta test phase, these users have expressed a need for the seamless integration of Hellotime into their existing workflows to eliminate repetitive data entry and maintain synchronization.

Here comes the API

That’s why we’re excited to launch the Projects API: a REST interface that lets developers interact with their Hellotime account and services through HTTP requests. With this API, you can integrate Hellotime projects with your ERP, Google Sheets, or any other tool you prefer.

What Can You Do with the API?

Here’s a look at what you can do with our API:

  • Automate project creation and update: You can easily set up new projects from your existing ERP or project management tool, remove projects that are no longer needed to keep your workspace tidy, and quickly make changes to existing projects.
  • Get automated reports: You can get an overview of all your projects at a glance, dive into detailed info about any specific project, and generate reports to analyze performance and make informed decisions.

Try Hellotime

Ready to simplify your capacity planning? Try the API and spend less time on unnecessary manual tasks, giving you more quality time to focus on your craft!

Read the developers documentation or request access to Hellotime.


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