Hellotime: Intuitive workload management tool with modern design

Hellotime is a workload management tool designed for simplicity, speed, and joy of use.

Creative and development teams engaged in client work don’t deserve complex planning solutions. Instead, they need a straightforward tool tailored to their needs. Hellotime has been designed with careful attention to detail, using the latest tech stack to create a modern, fast user interface that requires no upfront training.

Bad design is slowing you down

At Hellotime, we understand that the software landscape has evolved, and so have the expectations of the teams that rely on it.

Over the years, as software tools have become more complex and unwieldy, many have lost sight of what makes a truly great tool: simplicity and efficiency. Frustrated by the clunky, uninspiring options available, we were driven to create something better. Hellotime, our tool to plan and manage team workload, was born out of a desire to bring back the ease and joy of effective software.

Bloated software

Capacity management is crucial because it directly impacts a team’s productivity and success. Many workload management tools available today are engineered with large-scale operations in mind. This orientation towards large companies often leaves these tools bloated with complex features that small to medium teams simply don’t need.

The result? A daunting user experience that complicates rather than simplifies the management process. Such tools can discourage teams due to their intricate interfaces and steep learning curves, diverting attention from the actual work to be done towards just understanding how to operate the system.

Broken spreadsheets

Faced with these cumbersome tools, smaller teams who need an intuitive way to manage their workload, frequently turn to more straightforward solutions like Excel or Google Sheets. However, these alternatives come with their own drawbacks. Spreadsheets, for instance, while user-friendly and adaptable, are notoriously prone to errors and can become laggy as data accumulates.

These spreadsheets are also challenging to maintain over time, especially as project complexity and team size increase. Without the automated functionalities and integration capabilities that more specialized software offers, teams find themselves battling inefficiency, which in turn can stifle project momentum and growth.

Why good design makes your workload management better

Let’s dive into the real benefits of using an intuitive workload management tool and why the design of these tools is more than just a pretty interface:

Visual clarity means more time for actual work

A design that focuses on simplicity makes a big difference. When a tool is easy to understand and use, you spend less time trying to figure it out and more time getting things done. This kind of user-friendly, intuitive design helps everyone on the team quickly see what needs to be done, who’s doing what, and when tasks are due, which keeps projects moving smoothly and reduces stress.

Fewer errors, more money

A tool that’s straightforward and works reliably is less likely to lead to mistakes. Imagine not having to deal with broken formulas or outdated info. A good tool keeps everything clear and updated, which is crucial when you’re planning projects and need to keep everyone on the same page. This means fewer mistakes in scheduling and resource allocation, saving you from costly errors that can eat into your margins.

Intuitive workload planning boosts your bottom line

When your tool gives you a crystal-clear overview of your planning, it’s easier to make smart decisions about pushing sales or when to hold back. Knowing exactly where your resources are committed and where there’s flexibility allows you to adapt quickly to new opportunities or challenges. This not only keeps your operations running smoothly but also helps in making more profit by strategically managing your sales efforts.

Good design makes everyone happier

Lastly, a well-designed tool doesn’t just make work easier; it makes work more enjoyable. Professionals appreciate quality tools that don’t waste their time with complications or inefficiencies. When a tool is a joy to use, it not only makes the day go smoother but also boosts team morale and attracts top talent who value working in a high-quality environment.

The right design in your workload management tool makes everything from daily tasks to big-picture planning more effective, error-free, and enjoyable. It’s all about making sure that the tool works for you, not the other way around.

Existing workload Plannings software are complex tools for large companies’ complicated needs

In the world of workload management software, complex apps often fall short for small to medium-sized teams. The issue is that these tools can be either overly simplistic or too intricate. They fail to address the detailed requirements of these teams.

Many existing workload planning tools are designed for large companies with very complex needs. These tools are not inherently bad; in fact, they offer a myriad of features that can be incredibly powerful and useful. However, the extensive lists of functionalities and the complex navigation required to use these tools can be overwhelming for smaller teams.

In fact, small to medium-sized teams typically do not need the vast array of features provided by these capacity planning advanced tools. Instead, they require solutions that are straightforward, easy to navigate, and tailored to their specific needs without the unnecessary complexity.

For these teams, the challenge lies in finding a tool that balances functionality with simplicity—something that offers enough features to manage their workloads effectively, without the steep learning curve and excess features that they will never use.

Hellotime is modern and carefully designed workload management tool

Hellotime is modern and carefully designed resource planning

Unlike other resource planning solutions, from Google Sheets to specialized tools, Hellotime stands out as the simplest, most intuitive, and most effective option for agencies, creative studios, and development teams.

It finds the perfect middle ground, offering just what’s needed without making things too simple or too complex. It’s made specifically for small to medium teams, ensuring it’s both functional and intuitive. Hellotime is easy to use and has all the necessary features, showcasing what good design is all about. Every part of it works together well, making resource management efficient and enjoyable.

Easy-to-use workload planning dashboard

Hellotime is as simple as a spreadsheet and as powerful as an app can be. Everything you need to do can be managed directly on the timeline, meaning you don’t have to click through multiple pages to find what you’re looking for. It’s designed for intuitive actions, so creating projects, adding team members, and planning work allocations can be done effortlessly.

Making the decision to adopt Hellotime can take as little as five minutes. Getting everything set up won’t take longer than 30 minutes. This approach to workload planning ensures that you spend less time figuring out how to use the software and more time on what really matters: organizing your team’s work efficiently.

Designed for clarity

Designed for clarity

Hellotime makes workload planning straightforward. You have two ways to view your plans: a quick overview for a fast check or a more detailed look when you need more information. This lets you either get a general idea or examine the details closely, depending on your needs.

You can focus on “People” or “Projects”. If your main concern is managing your team’s time well, ensuring no one is too busy or has too little to do, then the “People View” is for you. It helps you see how everyone’s work is planned, making it easier to ensure work is evenly spread out.

If you’re setting up a new project and want to focus on that, the “Projects View” will help. It allows you to concentrate on organizing your project, figuring out what tasks need to be done, and who should do them. This view ensures your project’s needs are met by the right team members.

Projects View

Also, Hellotime Insights transforms complex data into something straightforward and engaging. You can easily see which projects are active, understand your team’s workload, check who’s busy this week, find out who will be available soon, and identify which projects require the most effort. This feature makes it simple to get a quick, clear view of how your team and projects are doing, anytime you want.

Hellotime simplifies workload planning. Whether you’re looking at how your team is doing or focusing on a specific project, Hellotime provides an easy way to plan everything.

Crafted for the joy of use

Crafted for aesthetic appeal

At Hellotime, we believe that attention to detail is not just for show. Our commitment to simplicity and speed is a testament to our dedication not only to aesthetics but to functionality as well. We understand that a user interface needs to be simple, consistent, and enjoyable to interact with. This philosophy stems from our belief that good design is a form of respect for our users and their valuable time.

We argue that beautifully designed software doesn’t just catch the eye—it helps users spend less time navigating the tool, allowing them to concentrate more on their actual work. Beauty and simplicity reflect what tech and creative teams strive for every day, whether they’re working on the technology that powers our world or crafting designs that capture our imaginations. These teams deserve a capacity planning tool that matches the quality of their own work.

Hellotime is designed with this in mind. Our work is about creating a seamless, efficient experience that mirrors the excellence tech and creative professionals bring to their projects. We believe that by providing a tool that is as high-quality as the work our users do, we’re not just offering a resource planning solution; we’re enhancing the way they work, one pixel at a time.

Made for power users

In today’s world, tech and creative teams expect—and rightly deserve—modern software that keeps up with their demands. Hellotime is a workload management software built for this era, understanding that speed is not just preferred but essential.

To cater to this need, Hellotime integrates keyboard shortcuts for nearly every action you might want to undertake. Whether it’s creating a new project, adding a team member, or detailing a project, you can do it quickly and with little need to reach for the mouse. This feature is designed to make everything faster, ensuring that users can work in a way that feels as natural as expected.

Try Hellotime

If the idea of a modern, fast, and thoughtfully designed resource planning software speaks to you, we invite you to try Hellotime today. We’re eager to welcome you onboard and show you firsthand how Hellotime can transform the way you plan and manage resources.


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